Hi everyone

I’m doing two ‘makeup lessons’ tomorrow (Saturday morning & afternoon) for some students who joined my IELTS courses late, so I may as well invite anyone who is interested to watch. Remember, SEEING IS BELIEVING, right!  So, come and see the truth. Here's the message from my website.


9.30 am – 12.45 pm  IELTS Reading (Lesson 1)

2.00 pm – 5.15 pm   IELTS Listening (Lesson 1)

WHERE:  in the normal AIS classroom [Click http://www.aisielts.com/location/ ].

WHEN: this Saturday (1st June), at the times shown above.

Here's the message in Chinese, put on PTT this morning.


試聽時間~ 6月1日9:30am-12:45 ( 閱讀 ) 或 2:00pm-5:15pm ( 聽力 )

報名方式~ E-mail給老師跟老師說你要試聽的技巧。

課程詳情請參考 Andrew 老師網站 : aisielts.com


Actually, since ..

  1. there are only a few makeup students involved,
  2. I only just thought [of inviting other to watch for free] yesterday,
  3. I have just put the message here, on the website, and PTT yesterday and today - this is, giving very late notice about it, ...

... I don't think that many people will turn up - so you can expect a small class, and more individual attention.

Anyhow, tell your friends, and if you are coming, bring your friends along. Remember, it's all for FREE! Whichever class (the morning, the afternoon, or both), as the picture at the top shows, you will learn.

See you there.


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