Introduction (i)

Well, I have just finished with over 30 posts on helping your IELTS Writing get to bandscore 7 (with 10 posts each on (1) concision, (2) logic, and (3) collocation) plus a few more. After all this, maybe I’ll get onto consumer advice, and what you need to know.


Yes, the situation regarding the teaching of language and IELTS preparation is not good in this country, Taiwan, and you need to be a wiser consumer. When there are enough wise consumers, the tricks won’t work as much, will they?


This is actually an issue of crucial importance to you, and your future. You are paying lots of money, and there are many tricks, and an industry is thriving at your expense. If you care about your own future, you as consumers need to know a lot more about the nature of language teaching.


I’ve already written many posts in this blog to help you as a consumer. They are usually labelled ‘Tricks to Watch Out For’. Yes, the teaching market is full of tricks. Perhaps every aspects of modern life is full of tricks, but if you are smart, you will do the research. Smarter people, those who do the research, will be more successful in life, and here, we talking about YOUR FUTURE.


In the next post, I’ll explain in detail what this coming series of posts (49 more of them) will do for you.


Now, check that you know the meaning of the underlined vocabulary (also repeated below).


  • concision (n)
  • crucial (adj)
  • to thrive (v)
  • at sb.s expense (adv)


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