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Hi all

As I promised yesterday, I'd show a picture of the voice actors who helped with the recording of the IELTS Test Practice Book 2 - see top picture. The audio-engineer is the girl on the right. I've also got a picture of the cover of this book (underneath). The book should be ready in a few weeks, and is definitely worth buying. It has not just tests, but ... well, look at the picture of the back cover of the book and read that list of bullet points yourself.

The interesting thing is that this book will also be published by an Indian publisher, who will distribute the book throughout India, South-East Asia, and Saudi Arabia. This publisher also did this with the first IELTS Test Practice Book. Hmmmm. Well, I'm not exactly a world-famous author, and the truth is that you don't get much money from all this, but I certainly pride myself on the intellectual effort that it took to single-handedly create the whole book myself. And this is the second one!

Will I try for a third? Not sure right now. It takes such a lot of work, and I'm soooooo busy right now. Tomorrow, the new IELTS Saturday Intensive Course begins, and it's a full class [=12 students]. Busy, busy, busy, but always happy that I can help others along the road to success in IELTS.


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