Okay, after the 'pigeon' interlude, we'll continue practising with collocation. Remember, (better) collocation is mentioned in the public version of the IELTS Band Descriptors in Band Score 7 and 8. This is important.

Anyhow, here's the next exercise. Can you change the red word into one which fits more naturally in the sentences? Remember, there may be different ways to answer this.

Collocation (4 of 6): Time to Practice

1.   Smokers have a daily demand for cigarettes.

2.   Government should put more tax on cigarettes.

3.   When prisoners serve in jail, they …

4.   School bullying is a popular problem.

5.   The murder of Bai Bing Bing’s daughter is a famous example.

6.   Cars and factories provide carbon dioxide.

7.   Many countries provide capital punishment.

8.   Capital punishment is available in many countries.


Here are the answers to 'Back to Collocation [3 of 6]

1.  [About pollution/waste] Korea produced/emitted 34%. ['Managed' is a positive word.]

2.  [About pollution/waste] America had the highest amount['Output' is a positive word.]

3.  The machine creates the product.

4.  This creates a large migration.

5.  The disadvantages cannot be ignored. [We 'neglect' children.]

6.  This will create/cause a serious misunderstanding.

7.  He participated in a competition.

8.  This will help prevent drug dealers entering the country. 




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