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Hey everyone. Well, after a reflective first post (after the Chinese New Year holiday), I was going to get more serious in this post. If you were reading and checking this pixnet, you would know that before Chinese New Year, I had been looking at all the 'Tricks to Watch Out For', trying to warn everyone to be very careful, and very cautious when choosing teachers to help you with the IELTS test.

If you check my past postings, you will see that I have examined the ...

  • 'short IELTS course' trick,
  • "I've got IELTS 8; I'll show you how to do it" trick,
  • "I teach these sentences" trick,
  • "You only talk to me/the teacher' trick,
  • "I guarantee you will get IELTS 7" // 'the guaranteed IELTS 7 course' trick,
  • "We use original tests; we've got IELTS Test material" trick,

... as well as ...

  • a series of six posts on 'The Use of Chinese [and Why to Avoid it]',
  • and a series of five posts on 'The Dangers of Memorisation in IELTS Speaking'.

Unfortunately, there are still other tricks I need to warn you all about. So sad that we live in such a world. It really breaks my heart sometimes. Hopefully, you can read all these posts, and as consumers, become wiser about whom you choose to help prepare you for the IELTS test, and that will improve the standards and honesty in this industry. That, at least, is my goal. Hmmmmmm. Will it ever happen?

But, before I get back into that, I want to be happier - hence the photo at the top. So what is it about this photo? Well, last night, I was sitting at my desk, correcting my students' IELTS Writing Assignments (which takes me hours). And I heard a noise, looked up, and guess who was staring me in the face, as if to say, "What about YOU doing, anyway?"

Yes, it is the old AIS friend, known as 'Examiner Pigeon' (that's 'Examiner' as in 'IELTS Examiner'). If you come to my studio, get used to seeing this little guy - a very people-friendly pigeon who often likes to walk up and down the corridor, and sometimes sits in the Female Toilets, on the ledge in front of the mirror. I have taken a picture of this creature before - but this was the FIRST time he's actually come into my studio itself. But no, he (or she) did not open the door; I had left it open - and he [for convenience, let's call this pigeon a 'he', okay?] took the opportunity to come in and say hello.

I gently herded him back out into the corridor, and then continued correcting assignments, but five minutes later, heard a noise, looked up, and, you guessed it .... well, here are the second two pictures I took.

Examiner Pigeon II.JPGExaminer Pigeon III.JPG

Okay, I got him out of the room again, but this time, I closed the door, and was able to finish my correction without being disturbed. Remember, if you visit my studio, you might well meet this little guy.


Check the meaning of the underlined vocabulary, also given below.

  • reflective (adj)
  • ledge (n)
  • creature (n)
  • to herd (v)




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