Sometimes a student will ring, and say, “Can you guarantee an IELTS 7?” Our response is, “No one can guarantee that”, and then the phone sometimes goes ‘click …. buzzzzzzzz …”. In the previous post, I stated, strongly, that in IELTS, it is impossible to guarantee anything, and anyone who does so is misleading you. Let’s continue to look at the …

“I guarantee you will get IELTS 7” // ‘The Guaranteed IELTS 7 Course’ // "This will take you from 4 to 7" syndrome.

In the previous post, I mentioned that the only way to give such guarantees is if the students guarantee a few factors in return – and I gave two of them: (a) Starting Level/Intelligence, and (B) Work Ethic. Here are three more factors.

Factor C


Those students need to guarantee they will …

  1. listen carefully, and pay attention, during class (and not look at mobile phones under the table all the time),
  2. reflect positively about how much they are learning, rather than negatively about how challenging learning can be,
  3. realise learning is a process that takes time, and not demand an instant answer, and …
  4. really try, and not just think sitting on a seat is enough.

Factor D

Available Time

Those students need to guarantee their …

  1. job or other studies won’t affects their focus on IELTS preparation, and …
  2. domestic issues and social life will not distract them from their IELTS studies.

Factor E

Time Frame

Those students need to guarantee they …

  1. have allowed sufficient time to reach your goal (and not booked an IELTS test just one month away),
  2. realistically understand the time it takes to get to your goal, and …
  3. are prepared to commit themselves throughout this time frame.

To repeat, I personally can easily and honestly guarantee great progress, with the right sort of students. But those who demand ‘guarantees’ don’t ‘guarantee’ anything in return. Wow, this makes it difficult. Actually, this makes it impossible to give guarantees [hence the picture at the top of the page]. Anyone school or teacher who does so is misleading you.

So, that’s why at AIS, we don’t give guarantees – at least, not right away. Only after the situation is examined, and Factors AE explained, can there be some sort of guarantees, and each guarantee depends on the individual student. But an immediately guaranteed IELTS 7? Hmmmmmm.

Don’t fall for that trick, right?


Find the meaning of the underlined words, almost repeated below.

  • challenging (adj)
  • to focus on (v)
  • domestic (adj)
  • to commit (to sth.) (v)





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