Let's continue this discussion of an important issue to your IELTS success – in fact, this is a crucial issue, and one of the greatest factors why you are NOT doing so well in the IELTS test. Thus, this input is divided into six separate posts, and this is the second. Here we go.

Let's get this straight. All those instant answers, all that advice, all that ‘famous’ stuff around, and the final result is 6.0. But perhaps your IELTS teachers, your IELTS websites, your IELTS blogs, and your IELTS books are all using Chinese. Of course they are. That’s why they are so popular. Reading IELTS ‘advice’ in Chinese is easy, so very easy, right? And everyone likes an easy way, and people can make easy money by giving it to you. So everyone is happy. You don’t have to think much at all – until you get the IELTS result.

Then, maybe, eventually, you might come to me, saying, ‘I’ve tried every teacher, every famous site, I’ve been studying IELTS for eight months, done the test four times [and blown $100,000 NT in the process], but I still keep getting IELTS 5.5! I don’t know why?’ Yes, this situation has happened many times with me. One student said, “I now realise you have to spend over $200,000 and several years to get a high IELTS mark.” Well, that’s true, if you keep going to the wrong people using the wrong sort of material, doing the wrong sort of study.

And yes, when these students shows me their IELTS Task-Two writing, sometimes I have to cringe inwardly at the fabricated, memorised, illogically written, and empty essay I read, and think, “All that money and all that time you’ve spent, and this is the result! What a complete and utter waste!” It’s really really sad, actually, that this is happening.

But let’s think about this. You want to do well in an English language test, so you read Chinese material. IELTS is a test of English language skills, so you read advice in Chinese to achieve this. Huh? Wait a minute! Just go back a little. An English language test, so you read ….. Chinese? English language …. Chinese. EnglishChinese. Ahhhhh! See the problem! See the big problem? See one of the key reasons the IELTS results are so limited in Taiwan? Now, maybe, you’re starting to think a bit more. But you are in the minority. You are one of the very few who are beginning to realise the truth.

The next post will explain this truth.


Now, you can check the meaning of the underlined words in the text (also given below)

  • crucial
  • to blow (money) [an idiomatic use, great for IELTS Speaking]
  • to cringe (v)
  • fabricated (adj)
  • utter (adj)




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