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Hey everyone. Look at the above picture. Yes, my second IELTS Test Practice Book (Book 2) is now out. Actually, it's not that much different to the first one - just another six tests, but both books comes with additional feature. You can see what it says on the back cover.


This Practical IELTS Strategies book (Book 5: IELTS Test Practice) is above all (as the name suggests), practical and strategic, and the particular purpose or plan is to maximising your score in the IELTS Test. As well as containing six whole IELTS tests, this book has:

  • a review of some of the reading strategies,  

  • sample answers to all writing questions, with additional comments, analysis, and vocabulary work,

  • sample answers to some of the questions in the first speaking test, similarly with additional comments, analysis, and vocabulary work,

  • listening scripts.


Can I boast a little here? Think: one person alone wrote this book. The book is a mountain of work, and it all came from me. There's no person in Taiwan who can do this. No other teacher is that good at writing, that good with words, that knowledgeable about IELTS, or that committed to this field. And, I've written two of these books. And I've written the four main 'Practical IELTS Strategies' books.


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