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At this point, I'm meant to put the next of the 'Let's Correct an Essay My Way' series (7 of 8), but today was interesting, and worth mentioning here in this post.

You might know of my first IELTS Test Practice Book. The good news is that the second one is on the way. The above three pictures are from the recording (1st session) which took place a few days ago. Today was the 2nd session (and I'll show a few more pictures of this tomorrow).

And yes, I played a role, providing one of the voices (a standard Australian one). That's the first picture. In the second picture, you can see the sound engineer and the 'Bookman Books' editor, who is working on this project, and in the third picture you can see one of the voice actors, providing a 'British' accent. There are two more voice actors, and they came in today (with me) to finish the recordings, but, as I said, I'll show you those pictures in tomorrow's post.

And remember, this is all to produce another great book: IELTS Test Practice Book 2, coming out soon.


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