Here we go again, with collocation - the key to getting IELTS 7, remember. Try to improve the collocation (or logic) by changing the words in red. Remember, there can sometimes be different answers to this.


Collocation (5 of 6): Time to Practice

1.  Nuclear energy causes many issues about safety.

2.  The power station was attacked by a tsunami.

3.  The risk of nuclear power is destructive.

4.  Museums can inspire the economy.

5.  Museums can obtain more money via souvenirs.

6.  The wedding opens at 6 pm.

7.  The criminals often have psychological diseases.

8.  With better treatment, you can win the cancer.



Here are the answer to 'Back to Collocation for a while' (4 of 6)

1.   Smokers have a daily need for cigarettes.

2.   Government should tax cigarettes more.

3.   When prisoners serve time in jail, they …   [ie.. add 'time']

4.   School bullying is a common problem.

5.   The murder of Bai Bing Bing’s daughter is a infamous/notorious example.

6.   Cars and factories pruduce/emit carbon dioxide.

7.   Many countries have/utilise/implement capital punishment.

8.   Capital punishment is used in many countries.




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