The instructions In the IELTS Writing Test, Task Two, ask you to ‘give examples from your own knowledge and experience’. To do this, ‘such as’ is often used, but it is often used wrongly. So, we need to look at this phrase carefully. Here is the second of five ‘such as’ issues (from my IELTS Writing Task Two book [Tip 19, Item 3] - see picture below).


The Issue

What is wrong with the following sentences?

  1. People work far too hard in today’s society, such as doctors.
  2. Animals are often displayed in zoos, such as foreign ones.
  3. The pressure can cause arguments, such as worrying about failure.


Let’s Think About It.

It is clearer if the ‘such as …’ clause (and ‘especially’, ‘particularly’ and other clauses) is immediately after the feature it describes. In the 2nd sentence, which are the ‘foreign ones’: animals or zoos? Thus, just move the 'such as' part like a chess piece (see picture above). Thus:

  1. People, such as doctors, work far too hard in today’s society.
  2. Animals, such as foreign ones, are often displayed in zoos.
  3. The pressure, such as worrying about failure, can cause arguments.


Time to Practice

Now fix the following sentences.

  1. Doctors advise smokers to give up their habit, especially cancer specialists.
  2. Technology can help people, such as mobile phones.
  3. Smoking almost inevitably causes cancer, particularly a heavy habit.
  4. Many students suffer stress related disorders, especially in Asia.
  5. The final months of the year are by far the most stressful, such as November.
  6. Japanese businessmen, such as China, often have to travel to other countries.
  7. Crimes cause concern among all members of society, especially horrible ones.
  8. .... because products are often most popular in supermarkets, such as food items.


I'll give the answers in the next post (unless someone can reply and give them first - as with the previous IELTS Grammar Tip).

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