So, right now I am writing in my pixnet ‘blog’ (= web + log), but it connects to my face book. My immediate thought is … what is the difference between the two? As far as I can tell, a blog is like a diary, while face book is like a magazine. But that raises the issue: the posts I have written for this pixnet blog (which is supposed to be a diary-type entry) go also to my face book ‘Andrew’s IELTS Stuff’ (which is supposed to be a magazine-type entry). So, how do I write my posts? Blog-style or magazine-style? Well, pixnet (which I am using now), which is meant to be the ‘diary’, actually has hard and solid IELTS tips, so it’s not really a diary at all. This means that I’m really mixing it all up, right?

Okay, here, in this post, I’ll write a true ‘diary’ type message, and, although it will go to the face book, ‘Andrew’s IELTS Stuff’, I’ll argue that it is still a text to read, and any reading text is preparation for the IELTS Reading Test [See my IELTS Reading Book, Tip One, Strategy Seven, p.6]. So, how can I get personal and diary-like here? What about talking about the cutest and most lovable human being in the world – obviously, my son, right?

His name is Cliff, and he’s 11 now, and his first language is not English, but Mandarin Chinese. Yes, he is fluent in Chinese, because when he was two years old, we moved from Australia back to Taiwan. And even in Australia, baby Cliff mostly heard Chinese from the mother – the primary caregiver. His first word was ‘ya ya’(Chinese for bird), since we have lots of trees in Melbourne, and hence lots of (noisy) birds, and little Cliff heard the mother saying, ‘Cliffy, ting dau ya-ya de shun-in.’ So, speaking of birds, I thought I’d include a picture of my ‘little guy’ feeding some of them.




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