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I'm going to use these blog by referring to news events, and showing how they can be used for IELTS writing.


However, before I begin, there is some important issue to make clear. There is very much bad information on chat sites, bad information circulating around in Internet forums, bad information from books (particularly those from mainland China), and bad information given by IELTS preparation schools. Unfortunately, IELTS is now a big industry, and in a world of dishonest people, the result is often not IELTS preparation, but IELTS de-preparation – that is, by following their advice, your IELTS score merely goes down. As I say in my IELTS books, ‘Students want easy answers; people out there want easy money, but does their [advice] help? No!’ [IELTS Writing Task Two, Tip 10, p.65. Thus, the very first step you should do before deciding to trust anyone who puts forward IELTS advice is to establish their:

 1.        CREDENTIALS


 Go to aisielts.com and check for proof of my credentials, and for information about my motivation. Upon doing this, you will see proof that I have…


  1. the Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching (CELTA),
  2. the Cambridge Diploma of English Language Teaching (DELTA),
  3. a Masters Degree in Educational Management,
  4. accredition as a Cambridge Teaching Trainer – that is, I train teachers to obtain the CELTA,
  5. written five books on IELTS preparation: the ‘Practical IELTS Strategies’ series – an enormous intellectual work,
  6. been specifically teaching IELTS preparation for 20 years!

Thus, I have the theoretical background, the practical experience, and hard provable results, a combination that no one else in the world can boast. My motivation is to provide a reputable and solid bank of tips and advice, from a highly qualified source (myself), which you can trust! That is why I am producing this website. It will help you get your overall IELTS 7. Trust me.



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